How did hoodies become a must-have item for the North American people?

In North America, people who love skateboarding on the street were initially regarded by the mainstream society as naive and unwilling to be seen, but the subculture fans are proud of this, and they have gone to some abandoned car factories or people. Skateboarding behind the building is increasingly "dangerous." For rebellious young people, the more unpopular the more sought after, the hoodie opposite the formal dress will make them look cooler.

 Later, the rap culture became popular, and the hoodie became a must-have for singers, and the hat must be worn. Therefore, under the pursuit of several groups of people, the hoodie became a symbol of street culture.

 With the passage of time and the popularization of popular culture, high school students with sufficient hormones also began to like this kind of hoodie with a little rebellious tone, but children who pursue rebellion but are not too outrageous slowly give this again. This kind of clothes gives a new youthful atmosphere and characteristics.

 I looked at my friend's clothes with a scrutiny, and then turned my wardrobe: jeans, yoga pants, jackets, T-shirts without any patterns, solid color cardigans... um, and a few hoodies...

 When you find the hoodie in your closet, congratulations, you are already integrated into North American culture. There is really no big deal. Vancouver ranks third among the ugliest cities in the world. Everyone is ugly. Why bother with the French? Take a look at the yoga pants (oh lululemon) on the street, hoodies can at least do some fashionable tricks. Don't worry if you are 20 or 40 this year, a hoodie with yoga pants, oh, don't forget sunglasses, there is no limit to your age.

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