Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Merno Destroys Ultra Instinct Beerus! Whis Attacks Merno And Vegeta Trains

you're watching unreal ant gaming this,is gohan from dragon ball z,you want to see me turn super saiyan or,should i take it to the next level i'm,also the narrator too,next time on dragon ball z make sure and,smash subscribe to unreal end gaming,with goku's death being the trigger that,beerus had used in reactivating the,powers of ultra instinct with myrno now,seemingly in control and with goku now,being dead beerus's inner power has now,shined onto the surface,as seen on the previous manga chapter,video with beerus emotion now having to,reflect on to who he is as a god of,destruction,and facing off against the fallen angel,the question now lingers,is it possible for ultra instant beerus,to get the job done,against the fallen angel myrno or is,myrno's ultra instinct simply going to,prove to be superior than beerus,as once more before we begin if you are,new to this channel and have a love and,passion for all things dragon ball,and anime related then be sure to smash,that subscribe button on this channel,and turn on all notifications to never,miss a single upload,along with giving this video a big,thumbs up by slapping that like button,down below,if you guys love dragon ball and anime,as well as checking out the official,dragon ball fan mangas playlist located,down,in the description box below to where on,that playlist you guys will be able to,find,all the latest and best dragon ball fan,mangas created by the community for the,community so be sure to head on down,below,check out the official dragon ball fan,mangas playlist for all the best,and latest videos on dragon ball fan,mangas,as we kick off the beyond dragon ball,super story of myrno vs beerus manga,chapter special with beerus having to,use goku's death as a method and we,tapping into the powers of ultra,instinct,following his initial attack and having,to knock myrno away with myrno now back,on the scene and having to wield ultra,instinct as well,he further went along to address beerus,by telling him so you've obtained,ultra instinct so what you think this,gives you power over me destroyer,not a chance you were next to join the,saiyan in the afterlife,and with beerus getting into fighting,position he went along to then tell whis,whis on my signal either he dies,or the opportunity will be lost for good,angel or not,he dies here do as i order you to and,don't take your eyes off him,this is our only chance because beerus,seems to have a plan here and he's,willing to tell whis and give him the,order once he's ready to do so,but with myrno not wasting any time and,having to speed blitz right towards,beerus he then went along to tell him,let me show you the difference in our,power and with myrno shown attacking,beerus with beerus on the defensive,it's a battle of ultra instinct deities,with of course myrnos shown having the,upper hand,and as myrno continues his attack he,went along to then continue by telling,beerus there is no amount of training or,power increases that you can manage to,obtain that will save you from the,onslaught that's coming,as of course myrna winds up ducking,under beerus's punch he then continues,especially once the original is complete,as he then follows by punching beerus in,the face myrno keeps reassuring beerus,that,as soon as the original awakens and his,power is then restored to him,then there is absolutely nothing that,anyone including beerus is going to do,to stop him,and with whis having to turn slightly in,looking behind him,he then notices goku's carcass on the,floor as he went along to say to himself,there is still time seeing how easily,myrna was able to tear into goku's,powers,leaves me to believe that the saiyan is,still not fully ready,to engage him even with ultra instinct,but there is still hope and with myrno,further engaging against beerus myrno,further went along to then,ask beerus is guarding yourself from me,going to be the only thing you do in,this battle,or is it because you're beginning to now,see that even with,ultra instinct my power still dwarfs,yours destroyer and as beerus is shown,guarding himself he went along to then,look at whis and telling him whis,not yet keep your eyes on his movements,you're the only one who can follow them,he'll do what he did before if it's done,now,so wait if my prediction is true then,we've found our chance and with beerus,then retaliating by then punching myrno,in the face,he quickly went along to then tell murno,you disrespected my title as destroyer,for the last time,a fallen angel deserves nothing less,than to be erased forever,and just like your clone before i will,do it again,and with beerus shown having to throw a,left hook in myrnl having to grab onto,it,myrnl then condescendingly went along to,tell beerus is that what you believe,beerus as if i would ever allow you to,do what you did,again though i wouldn't expect for such,power to be comprehended by a disgrace,such as you,do you still think i'm bluffing,destroyer,you were only kept around for my,entertainment,i could have ended your life long ago,and if you further want proof of this,allow me to,show you then as seconds later what,myrno winds up doing,is driving his left hand right through,beerus's chest and having to impale him,with myrno having to comment,tada the grand finale before we close,the curtains for,good and this shocks everyone including,whis went along to shout lord beerus,with of course myrno's arm having to be,shown driven right through beerus's,chest,beerus who is in utter agony went along,to utter this,power i know,impossible and with myrno having to look,back up at beerus with a bloodthirsty,look on his face he then went along to,ask him,does it hurt god your blood smells,delicious this was the feeling i had to,endure,when you all turned your backs to me and,watched me,suffer by the hands of that little omni,rat,so to the surprise of everyone myrno,wasn't in fact bluffing when he had told,beerus that he could have ended his life,long ago but had simply kept beerus,around,just for purely entertainment purposes,and with beerus having to be shown,suffering he then went along to say to,himself if this fails,then the seventh is finished i have his,attention,he's completely unaware of whis as,beerus then went along to tell mirno,the hell with you you were never good,enough to be kept around,anyway and with myrno having to get,really annoyed he then went along to,tell beerus but the difference here,is that i will live and you will,not that face of yours is really,starting to bother me,what do you say we take it off that head,of yours shall we,you won't feel a thing i promise,and right before myrno proceeds to knock,beerus's head off,beerus then went along to turn his,attention to whis and having to tell him,whis now and that's when whis gets the,order from beerus,and using his scepter to then reverse,time as whis went along to then comment,just in time back we go and with whis,tapping his scepter down,time is then reversed because this was,beerus's plan from the gecko and with,everything having to now be reversed we,then observe how myrno is back down on,the ground,and with myrno having to question this,he went along to comment,the warping of space and time i'm back,on the ground,which means no and as myrna then looks,at his hands he then continues,he did it again the destroyer's blood is,gone,that worm reversed time and bringing me,back here,but why this point i was baited and with,myrna looking down and noticing how both,goku,and beerus are still alive myrna then,went along to continue,the saiyans alive of course,the destroyer used me to get my,attention off my brother for him to,reverse time to this point,and with myrnoshon getting absolutely,infuriated he then went along to comment,you have crossed me for the last time,whis,you vermin have lived on long enough i,will not allow what happened on that,trash planet vampa to happen again to me,here i am going to finish this once and,for all,and when i'm done there will be no more,resurrections and with goku shown,sitting back up,he then went along to utter what what,just happened,damn him he's too strong and with myrno,sticking his hand out and generating a,blast he then went along to tell them,and this is where the two of you die for,good this time i know of whis's ability,to reverse,time i also know of how long it would,take for him to do it again,and there's nothing that will save you,from what's about to happen,now die because this was the moment that,myrno was looking to finally have in,ending both beerus and goku,until out of nowhere whis winds up,uppercutting myrnos,so hard in the face that the sheer,impact alone causes myrno to go flying,off of beerus's planet and onto a,lingering moon with whis having to tell,him,the order was made you will not go any,further and with myrna's body shown,flying into orbit whis had made the,clutch to step,in just in time right before myrno had,killed off beerus and goku and with whis,having to look down in acknowledging,both,beerus and goku he went along to then,tell them i need you both to get up,that attack won't slow myrno down you,are lucky to be alive goku,lord beerus has called for my actions to,be used and i will hereby aid you both,in this battle,i am sure you are well aware that your,ultra instinct power is no longer with,you lord beerus but,in order for us to make sure that this,is over i need you both to stand back up,and continue,and with goku shown struggling to stand,back up least then continues,my ability to reverse time has worn off,and i am unable to use it for a while so,do yourself a favor the both of you,and try not to get yourselves killed,during this fight with goku having to,respond,thanks whis i guess i'll try not to and,with we shown picking beerus up he then,continues,you've taken quite the punishment my,lord and although your body may be,damaged,i need you to stand back up and continue,with beerus then having to comment that,ultra instinct power wore me down,he's stronger than what we're giving him,credit for and with whis getting into,fighting position he then continues,no matter what happens this universe,must be protected,i will hereby fight alongside you as the,laws have been broken,i will deal with the ramifications,alongside the grand priest later so,whis had been given the order by beerus,to finally intervene just in time,to not only save himself but to also,save goku,and with whis having to prepare himself,he then went along to tell beerus and,goku,he is getting far too dangerous by the,minutes and i'm afraid of what he is,saying about his original is true,then we may be in bigger trouble than,what's about to happen,here now is not the time for us to lose,track of things,i can feel his energy boiling as over,back on the moon in which myrna was sent,to he winds up powering up,so much that the sheer power of myrno's,energy completely tears into the moon,with myrno having to be,absolutely enraged by what just happened,as he went along to shout,whis and murno is pissed because he was,not expecting for his brother to,intervene,and with both goku and beerus shown in,fighting position goku went along to,comment,this is nuts it's like he wants to use,his full power but,he's hesitant why is that what's his,goal here as beerus went along to reply,it's to feed the original as much,knowledge on each universe as he could,and if he kills us along the way then,it's just a small prize for his efforts,in doing so,do what you must but stay out of my way,saiyan as over back with the grand,priest,vegeta continues his training along with,the priest as the grand priest went,along to comment,now try it again vegeta and with vegeta,trying to attempt to do what the grand,priest had just told him,there is a massive shadow that then,overtakes the grand priest,along with the ground on the floor and,with the grand priest having to then,look,up he quickly went along to then comment,merge your mind along with this power in,order to keep it from controlling you,and if you fail then get up and try it,again,this power comes from your ancestors,does it not,so clearly there is an evolutionary,process that is beginning to take place,with vegeta but it seems as though,vegeta can't seem to get this right as,of course the grand priest had ordered,him to do it again,and as vegeta does so the grand priest,then went along to tell him,good now merge these powers together in,becoming one with your mind and body,transform using your strongest form,super saiyan blue evolution as you call,it,but then suddenly the grand priest,begins to pick up on an unusual signal,as he went along to then say to himself,this power whis was called into action,the laws have now been broken by two my,presence is needed as soon as this has,been fully completed as we then go back,to beerus's planet,myrno then points down in a fit of anger,while wielding ultra instinct and having,to cry out,i am going to atomize you all especially,you,whis and with myrno charging right in,and punching both beerus and goku away,he then went along to comment i'll deal,with you roaches later,away with you both and with goku and,beerus sent flying out into the distance,this just now leaves whis and myrna by,themselves as myrna went along to,sadistically smile by looking behind him,and commenting,now that those two are out of the way,i've been counting down the days where,i'd finally get to do,what i'm about to do to you whis i'm,going to savor,every moment of it i wanted to wait,until my original body had been restored,but i've decided to at least spill one,angel's blood today,and that angel will be you will i hold,back,or will i massacre you i guess we'll,have to wait and see what the cards hold,now let us begin as only then the manga,chapter special then comes to a close,now,we have so much more in store for you,guys because,this is it the laws have been broken,whis had been called into action,and being the fact that myrno now has,whis undivided attention and vice versa,the question here,is what exactly is about to go down,involving goku beerus and whis having to,battle,against myrna now who seems to be very,bloodthirsty and very enraged on the,fact that he can't seem to kill these,guys without whis having to get in the,way as we are currently working,and are going to have the next manga,chapter be available on the channel in,just about a few days so,we are going to have another massive,light goal for this video,if we can smash out 7 000 likes on this,video then not only am i going to try to,put out the manga chapter a lot sooner,but,i'm going to give you guys exactly what,you've been asking for because again,this isn't really going to end the way,you guys think because if you guys date,back,to everything myrno had said he could,have easily had killed off beerus,and goku a long time ago but he's using,them,and now our heroes are now beginning to,understand that they're being used for,something so,very very soon you guys are going to see,where the original is,what he looks like and how strong he's,going to be once of course it all comes,to a head so,if you guys are new to the channel smash,that subscribe button guys and turn on,all notifications to never miss a single,video,i also want to get your feedback and,your suggestions as to,what you guys want to see happen in,these mangas because,i take a lot of your comments into,consideration and i take a lot of your,ideas into consideration so,don't think that i'm not watching don't,think that i'm not listening because i,am and another part of this is something,is going on with vegeta and he is,getting some crazy training he's going,through a lot to get this done,but i promise you guys that once it's,all said and done vegeta is going to,shine in his,own right so thank you all so much for,your support thank you all so much for,watching if you guys are unaware of the,myrno universe 13 merchandise on the,channel,then be sure to check out the official,teespring link down below,you guys can support the channel and,support the fan manga series by copying,a shirt or hoodie,it really means a lot to me and i want,to thank you all so much for your,support and just to give you guys a,quick little heads up if you guys,believe that this is going to be the end,of myrno,then you have another thing coming,because you have to keep in mind ever,since the broly versus myrno series and,even prior to that,myrnos so as long as the original is,alive can clone his consciousness can,clone his body,as many times as he wants tens of,thousands of times,millions of times billions of times over,and so as long as the original is alive,he's always going to come back but this,also means,that our heroes are always going to pair,off and get stronger but the question,here,is what is going to happen now involving,whis and myrno,you're gonna have to wait and find out,thank you all so much for your time,thank you all so much for watching tune,back in for more,and i'll be seeing you all down the,comment section below have a great day,everybody and take care,peace and the quick little reminder,before you guys go if you guys are,unaware i do have a second gaming,channel located down,in the description box below so be sure,to head on over to unreal royale and hit,that subscribe button along with turning,on all notifications as to there,you guys will find all different kinds,of gaming content that you will not get,to find on unreal and gaming,titles and video games such as grand,theft auto call of duty gears of war,dragon ball z dokkan battle,dragon ball z legends dragon ball z,budokai tenkaichi,iii minecraft blair witch and many other,retro games on that channel so if you,guys are into gaming,then make sure you guys subscribe over,on unreal royale i want to thank you all,so much for your time and i'll catch you,all in the next one this is the galactic,emperor the universe and of course i'm,here to tell you to subscribe,to unrelent gaming also follow 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