Justin Bieber Wore Camo on a Hike, Failed to Blend Into Nature

Some days ago Justin Bieber took in a relaxing hike in Los Angeles. But, for a Sunday stroll, the singer's workout fit was anything but laid back. His cherry red TMT (The Money Team) hoodie with its rainbow camouflage sleeves topped a pair of black shorts over gray tights (also camo) and a pair of red-and-black socks, hiked up. For a guy who flat-out wears jeans wrong this ensemble doesn't come as a much of a shock. But for anyone else this is a no-go. First off, if you're gonna wear camouflage you should stick to one piece at a time—unless of course you're a soldier or out on a hunting expedition. If we had to choose, we would say keep the gray tights. Because bold patterns work better in not-so-bold colors and because gray camo is arguably practical. (Though we've seen what happens when Bieber actually tries to go undercover.)

Look, when you're as famous as Justin Bieber, every outfit choice becomes a statement—whether you like it or not. After all, the dude has a reputation of sartorial boundary pushing to uphold. For everyone else, a little subtlety goes a long way and will ensure you don't look like a fucc boi out in nature.

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